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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How much do project estimates cost?
    Our design consultations are free of charge whether at your home, place of business or our showroom. Usually, our labor proposals are free too.
  • What factors impact the cost of a project?
    Construction costs for any new build or remodeling project can vary significantly. In addition to the level of finish desired, many other factors are at play. This could include the ability for us to access the space, are there adequate utilities in place? What is the construction schedule? With answers to these questions, as well as a keen eye for finding efficiencies, we can zero in on a budget that meets the goals of the project.
  • What should we expect at the first meeting?
    The first meeting is a free consultation typically lasting 1 to 2 hours. There are three primary issues to discuss; what you are trying to achieve, what is your timetable, and with what budget. This will usually involve a walk-through and review of the areas of the home to be remodeled plus a series of questions to try to better understand your ideas and goals for the project. You will probably also have a lot of questions for us about ADR, our approach, and current schedule. We will also review the next steps if moving forward
  • Do I need a permit?
    A general rule of thumb is that a permit will be required if plumbing, electrical or mechanical alterations are required or if the general living area of the home is changed. We will discuss this further during the time of the free consultation. Our services included all permit process and we will manage to pull permits for you
  • What about work schedules and rules for household access by workers during the job?
    This will vary with the type and scope of the work being done. You can discuss these options and any time leading up to, during, or after your design quote consultation. We will work with you to establish a plan that is amenable to you and minimizes disruptions of your ongoing household activities as much possible.
  • Will the remodel be noisy?
    Construction is inherently noisy; there will be noise at varying levels throughout the home renovation process. We will give you advance notice during the really noisy phases, particularly, concrete cutting, tile cutting, floor sanding, etc. so that you can plan your days accordingly.
  • Will the remodel be messy?
    Remodeling is a messy business creating a lot of dirt and dust. That said, the QA Builders we take every practical step to protect your home from the dust and dirt. Each day, we will leave the property in the same condition that we found it protecting it with tarps, dust extraction systems, cleaning the and workspace areas daily.
  • May I contact your past customers?
    We will be happy to provide you with a list of past customers and the type of project we have completed for them. All customers listed have agreed to let us use them as a reference and invite your call.
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